Colorado Marijuana Laws

  • In 2013, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64. This amendment to the Colorado constitution legalized cannabis in Colorado for all adults 21 years of age or older. Here are a few basic things to know about
  • Colorado marijuana laws. Keep in mind, marijuana laws in Colorado are constantly evolving and it’s important to know your local regulations, too.

Marijuana is legal for adults 21+

Due to the voter-passed Amendment 64, Adults 21+ may purchase recreational marijuana in Steamboat Springs. You no longer need to register or have a medical card, to purchase recreational cannabis in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, if you are 21 years or older.

Marijuana Possession Limits

Adults 21+ may posses up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of recreational cannabis or THC equivalent in Colorado.
– What are THC equivalent amounts?
28 grams of flower = 28 grams of concentrates (shatter, wax) = 2800mg of thc (edibles).
Note: Possession limits are different from purchase limits.

Marijuana Purchase Limits

There are limits to how much cannabis you may purchase in a single transaction. Adults may purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana or THC equivalent. Effective October 2016, THC equivalent guidelines from Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division:
1 ounce flower=800mg THC (edibles)
1 ounce flower=8 grams concentrate (shatter, wax)

Marijuana Dispensary Hours

The City of Steamboat Springs regulates the operating hours of local retail marijuana shops. All Steamboat Springs dispensaries are required to close by 10:00pm. Most dispensaries in Steamboat Springs are open 8:00am-10:00pm.

Valid Photo ID is Required for Everyone

When you go shopping at a dispensary, you are required to have valid ID to make a purchase.
U.S. Residents: Drivers license, Photo ID Card, or Passport.
International Visitors: Only your PASSPORT is considered valid ID, so don’t forget it when you go to the dispensary.

Home Grow is Legal

Each adult can grow up to six marijuana plants at a time. Up to three plants can be flowering at once. This is legal in a private, secure space, such as your home. This limit is higher for medical marijuana patients.

Public consumption is illegal

Consumption of marijuana in public remains illegal. Like you can’t walk down the street drinking a beer, cannabis can only be consumed in a private space (hotel room, condo) or private property (private balcony or deck). There are no “coffee shops” or cannabis clubs in Steamboat Springs.

Driving High is Illegal

Do not drive high. The legal limit of THC is 5 nanogram of THC per milliliter of blood. Anything above that is a DUI. Simply put, don’t smoke, vape, eat, drink or anything THC and operate a motor vehicle.

Providing Marijuana to Minors is illegal

No one under 21 years old may posses, purchase, nor consume recreational marijuana. Age restrictions differ for medical marijuana patients in Colorado.

Marijuana on Federal Land is illegal

Individuals may not posses marijuana on federal land or property under federal jurisdiction. This includes the Steamboat ski area and airports.

Colorado Marijuana Laws FAQ

Yes, you can mix flower, edibles, and concentrates in a single transaction. Can can’t exceed the purchase limit of 28 grams of flower and THC equivalent. Your budtender will guide you through the process.

No, it is unlawful to have “open containers” of cannabis in your vehicle. Just like you can’t drive with open beers in your car.

You must be 18 years old to apply for a medical marijuana card in Colorado. Ask your budtender for information about becoming a medical marijuana patient.

Yes, individuals 21+ may give marijuana to other individuals 21+ as long as it is a gift, without monetary exchange.

Yes, you can BE high in public. It is unlawful to GET high in public.

Yes, international visitors 21+ can purchase marijuana. You must present your international passport to prove your age. International drivers licenses or ID cards are not accepted as ID per state law. Only your passport will be accepted.

You may only purchase marijuana from a licensed marijuana dispensary in Steamboat Springs. It is illegal to exchange money for marijuana with anyone else other than a licensed dispensary.

No, you may not sell your marijuana unless you are a licensed dispensary in Steamboat Springs.

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