Vaporizer Rentals come with everything you need to use the Volcano Vaporizer properly…

  • Volcano Vaporizer hot air generator
  • Solid Valve Set (mouthpiece, filling chamber, balloon bag, solid valve, cleaning brush.. everything you need, clean and ready for you)
  • Complimentary Delivery to your condo or hotel or anywhere in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Renting a vaporizer in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is easy.

Call us: 970-367-7785
Email us:

Book Online: If we are sold out on your dates or if you prefer to pay with cash, email or call us!
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 Volcano Vaporizer Rental Terms

RESERVATION DEPOSIT:  To guarantee your reservation, we accept a 10% deposit of the total rental price.  This 10% deposit is REFUNDABLE if your reservation is cancelled at least 24 hours before your delivery date and applied to the total balance due for your Volcano Vaporizer Rental.  The balance is due upon delivery of your Volcano Vaporizer Rental.  Yes, we accept all credit cards and cash.

CANCELLATION:  Please cancel your reservation by 3:00pm Mountain Standard Time on the day before your reservation begins to avoid a cancellation charge of $49.00.  If you need to cancel your reservation, just call us or email us the day before you’re meant to have a vaporizer rental.

DELIVERY:  Delivery is complimentary to most areas in Steamboat Springs, CO.  If you have any questions about delivery to your location, please call us or email us.  We can also meet you somewhere in Steamboat Springs (shopping center parking lot, resort entrance, etc), just tell us where and we’ll be there.

AGE REQUIREMENT: You must be 21 years old or older to rent a vaporizer. Please have a valid government issued ID ready for us when we deliver your vaporizer.

MARIJUANA POLICY: As of January 1, 2014, marijuana is legal to purchase and possess in Colorado for all adults 21 years of age and older. It is your responsibility to know all laws and regulations if you choose to consume marijuana in Colorado. It is illegal to consume marijuana and drive a motor vehicle. Steamboat420 is not responsible for you nor your actions if you choose to consume marijuana during your vaporizer rental.  Steamboat420 does not sell nor deliver marijuana.

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