Is Marijuana Good or Bad for Anxiety?

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Marijuana and Anxiety

Marijuana and Anxiety

We have all heard the stories of people who have had a bad trip when it comes to marijuana. These stories, full of detail about anxiety, stress, paranoia and the like, are the reason many have decided to stay away from herb. However, the folks that listen to these stories (without knowing all the facts) are doing themselves a disservice. There is mounting evidence that marijuana and anxiety are not scary bedfellows, but that marijuana can actually soothe anxiety.

A Bad Trip

With legalization in Colorado many skeptics came out. One, a well known reporter, came to the mile high city in search of self-exploration. As she reported, it did not go well. Maureen Dowd wrote her opinion of what having an edible was like. She is among those that think that edibles are not well regulated and cause too much of a high. However, as anyone who has been to a reputable dispensary will tell you, the staff is very knowledgable about the ingredients, levels of THC or CBD and amount that should be consumed.

You should not eat a whole candy bar, cookie, caramel or brownie in one sitting. It will not be what you are looking for.

Understanding Ingredients and Portion Control

When it comes to marijuana, knowledge about the strain is incredibly important. Marijuana is like wine: you want to know what you are consuming. Two often confused ingredients are THC and CBD. THC is the common ingredient that people look for when looking for that characteristic high. THC has psychotropic effects. CBD is the other side of the spectrum. This is the non-pshyomimetric compound in cannabis that makes marijuana and anxiety good partners.

When you are shopping for a strain of marijuana and anxiety is a top concern, speak to the staff and look for low concentrations of THC and high concentrations of CBD. Instead of exacerbating issues such as depression and anxiety, the CBD will help soothe symptoms. Ask about portion sizes and different forms such as wax, herb, sugar and even juice.

The Science of Marijuana and Anxiety

A recent study published in the National Institute of Health in the neuropsychopharmacology section looked at CBD reducing anxiety. The study, completed in 2011, was a randomized control trial of people with Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder. Twenty four people were included in the double blind study. Twelve patients were given CBD before a speaking event and twelve were given a placebo.

Patients were given CBD an hour and half before a speaking event. Along with blood pressure and heart rate a Visual Analogue Mood Scale and Negative Self-Assessment Scale were administered. The results of the test showed a statistically significant decreased difference in anxiety levels leading up to and during the public speaking event for those that received the CBD compared to the control group.

People have ranked public speaking as being almost as terrifying as death. There is not much more that can be relied upon to cause anxiety than that. This is just one of the many studies out there that is looking to show the evidence that marijuana and anxiety are good partners.

Calm Your Anxiety

As we learn more about the health benefits of marijuana, we can customize our experiences based on our specific needs and the strains that will help them. To learn more about CBD for anxiety and depression, contact your doctor and budtender. Get a free ride aboard our free dispensary shuttle.

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